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Updated: May 6, 2020

Foreign nationals of all ages come to Canada to pursue their studies. In fact, Canada is currently ranked as the third best country in the world for its education system.  

We have handled immigration applications for students in all levels of the education system, from elementary school to secondary school to post-secondary school. A common question we receive from those wishing to study in Canada is whether or not they need a custodian and what exactly a custodian is.


A custodian is a responsible adult who will take care of and support the minor while they study in Canada. An eligible custodian is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident over the age of 18.

Custodians are legally required to care for the child as a guardian would – this includes providing financial and social support for the student while they are under their care. They must also be easily reachable should an emergency situation arise in which their presence is required. For this reason, the custodian must live within a reasonable distance from the student.


Minor children must either come to Canada with their parent or legal guardian or have a custodian in Canada who will support them for the duration of their academic program.


Although custodians are not legally liable for the student, custodianship is still a serious responsibility. The custodian must provide the care and support the student needs to ensure they are successful while attending school in Canada. This may include:

  • Assisting with the student’s arrival

  • Attend admissions intake meeting(s) with the student’s academic institution

  • Meet with the student’s academic advisor or guidance counsellor

  • During the school year

  • Serve as an official contact for the school regarding the student’s educational progress and behaviour

  • Provide consent (as required) for academic programs and activities (e.g. field trips)

  • Attend parent-teacher interviews

  • Send progress reports and report cards to the student’s parents

  • Communicate with the student’s parents about the status of their academic progress

  • Advise the student’s parents of any issues pertaining to the student’s social, emotional, physical, or academic wellbeing


There are many ways to find a custodian for your child in Canada. Our clients often attend schools in the Durham Region. The most popular schools we assist in submitting study permit applications for include:

We also assist clients who have not yet reached the age of majority but are enrolled at a postsecondary institution. Some schools we provide assistance with include:

If you need a custodian in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), you may consider contacting Calver and Associates.

We provide the required signed and notarized custodian declaration along with formal supervision service upon the student’s arrival in Canada. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (IRCC), minor students can be accepted at a university or college, but they cannot obtain a study permit without the required signed and notarized custodianship form.


Our Services

Calver and Associates is a leading provider of Canadian Immigration services in Durham Region. We serve clients in Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, and beyond. Our Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant has over 10 years of experience in Canadian Immigration law and over four years of experience serving those in the Oshawa area.

We can provide assistance with applications for both temporary and permanent residency in Canada. We handle applications for study permits, permanent residency, family class sponsorship, visitor visas, work permits, and Canadian citizenship. We also handle criminal inadmissibility cases by developing remedies for refusal.

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