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How long will my PGWP be?

Applying for the Canadian Experience Class After PGWP

Many of our clients choose to stay in Canada after graduation. The Post Graduate Work Permit allows graduates to work in Canada after their studies. The work experience gained on a PGWP can help you become eligible for Permanent Residency through the Canadian Experience Class program (Express Entry).

How long will my Post-Graduate Work Permit be?

A post-graduate work permit will be issued for anywhere between 8 months and 3 years, depending on the length of the program. Generally, the PGWP is issued for the same length of time as the educational program for up to three years.

  • 8 month program = 8 month PGWP

  • 1 year program = 1 year PGWP

  • 2 year program = 2 year PGWP

  • 3 year program = 3 year PGWP

  • 4 year program = 3 year PGWP

How to apply for the Canadian Experience Class after a PGWP

If you are issued a Post-Graduate Work Permit for 1-year, it can be difficult to become eligible for the Canadian Experience Class, which requires a minimum of 1 year of Canadian work experience.

To be eligible, you would need to start working full time as soon as you apply for the PGWP.

It’s also important to note that once a student graduates they are no longer authorized to work without a work permit under the same conditions they enjoyed as a student. The only way in which you can continue to work following graduation is if they have applied for the PGWP.

In terms of meeting the 1-year work experience requirement, work completed during your studies will not count. While full-time college/university students have the authorization to work part-time during their studies, the guidelines for the CEC program specifically provide that Canadian work experience gained as a full-time student does not count towards CEC eligibility. This includes experience gained under a co-op work term while being registered as a student.

Once the student completes the academic program requirements and applies for the PGWP, they are allowed to start working full time while they wait for the processing of the PGWP application, which will allow them to gain work experience to become eligible for the CEC.

There are a couple of important notes regarding the application process:

  1. The application must be made within 90 days of the day in which the student completes the program requirements.

  2. The application for the PGWP must be made while the study permit is still valid.

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