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Calver IMMIGRATION CONSULTING INC. Canadian Immigration Services is here to help. We know you must have plenty of questions so we have compiled some answers to the most frequently asked questions below. If we did not answer your question below, feel free to contact us.



I’m ready to come to Canada. What should I do first?

All immigration law consultations include a comprehensive meeting with a Canadian Immigration Specialist who will provide an assessment of your case in addition to personalized legal advice. The consultation allows Ms. Calver to familiarize herself with your case and gain the background information required to offer advice and recommendations.


What is included in a consultation?

Our 30-minute consultation consists of an assessment of your eligibility for various Canadian immigration programs, a review of your case, and our personalized recommendations and suggestions. During your appointment, we explain the application process in detail and answer any questions you may have about your case and program of interest. Included in your consultation is a personalized follow-up email containing a summary of your appointment and our recommendations for next steps. 

If you decide to retain Calver Immigration Consulting Inc. Canadian Immigration Services, we will gladly deduct the consultation fee from the overall cost of our application services. *We also do not offer contingency retainers.


How do I book a consultation?

You can book a consultation using our online booking tool. Simply select the day and time that suits your schedule. We offer appointments via phone and video call. 

Alternatively, you may book an appointment via email by contacting us at


Is it possible to have a quick call before my consultation?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer phone calls that are shorter in length because they simply do not allow us the opportunity to offer you appropriate, detailed advice. We cannot consult in a quick phone call of ten or fifteen minutes while continuing to offer you valuable advice.


What documents will I need to provide?

Depending on the program and category you choose to apply for, you will be required to supply different documents. We will inform you of the documents you need to submit and organize them to build your case. 


The standard documents required include birth certificates, passports, and national identity cards as well as documents proving your qualifications, such as diplomas, and language test scores. 


Consultation Terms & Conditions:

A 1 hour appointment for business people looking to do business and/ or immigrate to Canada.

This Initial Consultation Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions of an Initial Consultation meeting between Jade Calver, acting on behalf of Calver Immigration Consulting Inc. (“we” or “us”), and the undersigned Client (“you”):

1. Purpose of Consultation. The purpose of the Initial Consultation is for us (a) to learn about you and your particular immigration situation based on the information you provide, which may include one or more aspects of the Canadian immigration process and related procedures; (b) to answer your questions to the best of our ability; (c) to identify your options and, to the extent possible, analyze the costs and benefits of those alternatives; (d) to help you determine your course of action, if any; (e) to determine the next steps in the process, as appropriate. All information and documents that you provide to us shall remain strictly confidential.

2. No Legal Authority Granted. You agree and understand that this agreement does not constitute your engagement of Jade Calver to act as your Authorized Representative in respect of any matters relating to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, and/or the Canada Border Services Agency.

3. Fee and Cancellation. In exchange for scheduling an Initial Consultation with Jade Calver of up to 60 minutes in duration, you agree to pay a non-refundable Consultation Fee of $250CAD (general consultation ) or $500CAD (business consultation) to Calver Immigration Consulting Inc. Despite the foregoing, if your Initial Consultation appointment is cancelled with at least 24 hours advance notice provided to us, we will refund the Consultation Fee to the credit card you provided. Furthermore, you may re-schedule your Initial Consultation appointment with at least 24 hours advance notice provided to us without penalty.

4. Acceptance. By submitting payment to us, you indicate your agreement of these terms, you will by that action agree to all of the terms and conditions set forth above in this Initial Consultation Agreement and acknowledge that any further engagement of Jade Calver will require a further written agreement with different terms.

Ready to book your consultation?



Can you help me find a job in Canada?

We do not offer job matching services at this time. We suggest browsing job search boards to find employment in Canada.


What can a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) do?

A Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant is authorized to give advice on issues pertaining to Canadian immigration. Some key attributes that differentiate an RCIC from a non-regulated consultant is that they are:

● Accountable to ICCRC; complaints are taken seriously

● Monitored by ICCRC; non-compliance is taken seriously

● Supported by ICCRC to enhance the quality of services

● Knowledgeable and informed on immigration law and the Canadian immigration system

● Required to abide by stringent ethical and professional rules that are designed to protect consumers

● Possess valid Errors and Omissions Insurance for enhanced consumer protection

● Work with agents known to ICCRC

● Required to provide evidence of good character prior to becoming regulated


Do you offer U.S. immigration services?

We have an American partner who would be happy to help you with your case.

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