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Canadian Immigration Services 


Study In Canada

Every year, thousands of Foreign Nationals come to Canada to study in our Universities, Colleges and even High Schools. Foreign Nationals wishing to study in Canada require a Study Permit, and in many cases an accompanying visa.

Study with a Study Permit

  • All Foreign nationals require a study permit to study at a Canadian Institution for longer than 6 months;

  • The Institution must be recognised by IRCC;

  • Visa-requiring Foreign Nationals will also require the underlying TRV. 

Study without a Study Permit

  • In certain cases some Foreign Nationals will be able to study without a Study Permit, including those studying for under 6 months, minor children in Canada or the family members or staff of Foreign Diplomats. 

Students in Canada - Staying in Canada after Graduation

  • Foreign Nationals who wish to stay in Canada after graduation are eligible for an Open Work Permit, otherwise known as a Post-Graduate Work Permit. 

Student to Permanent Resident: Pathways

  • Many students choose to immigrate permanently to Canada after having studied here. Canada has provided ways to encourage you to stay, gain work experience, or otherwise contribute to Canada's economy and culture. There are Permanent Resident programs that can help you stay here permanently. 

Calver and Associates Group can assist you with your Work Permit and Visa needs in order to study in Canada.

Durham Region is home to several leading Canadian colleges and universities including Ontario Technology University/University of Ontario Institute Technology (Oshawa), Centennial College (Scarborough/Pickering/Toronto), Trent University (Peterborough/Oshawa), and Durham College (Oshawa).

To learn about your options for studying in Canada, contact us today at 289-677-0108 (Toll-Free 1-855-206-0337) or at jade@calverandassociates.com.

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