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From Student

To Working Professional.

Our $300CAD Offer Includes:

One Hour Consultation With Jade Calver Where She Will:

  • Review your post-graduate work permit application.

  • Advice on getting a job that qualifies for Canadian permanent residency.

  • Immigration advice on preparing for permanent residency. 

To Qualify:

  • You're graduating this year from a Designated learning institution.

  • You've completed at least an 8-month program in Canada (or from abroad during COVID).

  • You have valid student status. 

Life in Canada after graduation.

Our PGWP Offer Is Just What You Need To Start Your Professional Life In Canada!

Offer Details

About Calver Immigration Consulting Inc.

Calver Immigration Consulting Inc. Canadian Immigration Services is a boutique immigration firm based in Ontario, Canada that works with clients across the country and throughout the world.

Ms. Calver has over ten years of experience in the Canadian immigration field. She has worked for Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada as well as one of the country’s leading immigration law firms. She has handled hundreds of Canadian immigration cases, bringing individuals and businesses to Canada to achieve their goals. 

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Jade Calver,

RCIC, CEO - Calver immigration consulting inc.

Make all the right moves in preparation for the next step towards your career in canada.

Get started and take advantage of our $300CAD Post Graduate Work Permit offer today!

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