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LMIA Processing Times | How Long to Get an LMIA in Canada 2022

Many of our clients who are preparing to apply for a work permit with an LMIA are concerned about LMIA processing times. Today, we explain how long it will take to get an LMIA in 2022.

Updated Processing Times for LMIAs

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) processing times were updated in January 2022. Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) updated the LMIA processing times for all of the application streams. With this update, there was a significant increase in LMIA processing times.

Applying for a Work Permit with an LMIA Inside Canada

Those most affected by extended processing times are the individuals applying for a work permit from inside Canada. If your current work permit is expiring and you need a new LMIA, you might need to apply for your work permit with proof that your employer has already submitted your LMIA. First, Immigration Canada will approve your LMIA, then they will approve your work permit.

What Else You Need to Know About Increased LMIA Processing Times

You should ensure that:

  • Your forms are filled out properly

  • You provide all the required information

  • You check to see if the payment information is accurate and valid in the LMIA application

If you don’t provide all of the required information, ESDC will not process your application. Rather, they will return your application and you will need to re-submit from scratch.

How Long Should LMIA ads be Posted?

All LMIA advertisements must be posted for four consecutive weeks. You must also ensure that one these ads stay posted throughout the duration of the application, up until the date of approval.

Global Talent Stream LMIA Applications

Global Talent Stream applications are considered high priority, which means they qualify for expedited processing (12-14 days). Be sure to clearly mark that your application is a Global Talent Stream application so that it is processed quickly.

Further, some applications are eligible for priority processing. If you work in the trades, or if you’re paid in the top 10 percent of wages in the province you live in, you are also eligible for 14-day processing.

Remember to note that you’re eligible for expedited processing so that you can get your LMIA approved as soon as possible.

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