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The Long And Short Of It: Extending Your Canadian Work Permit

What You Need To Know So You Can Continue Working

This is your reminder to check the expiry date of your work permit!

Life in Canada is fun and work keeps you busy, making it very easy to lose track of time and miss the deadline of applying for a work permit extension. In this blog, we will discuss the different scenarios you might find yourself in and help you navigate this process no matter what the circumstances.

Sometimes an Expiration is Just a Reminder To Apply for an Extension.

So long as you continue to meet the conditions of your work permit, you are often eligible to apply for an extension. IRCC recommends applying for extensions at least 30 days before the stated expiration of your work permit.

There are no limits on the number of applications you can make for extensions, but with the money and time spent on extensions, you might want to consider applying for PR. Calver Immigration Consulting Inc. would be happy to help you determine your eligibility for work permit extensions as well as look at your options and eligibility for Permanent Residency when the time is right for you.

How Should I Do It?

If you are abiding by the terms of your work permit and are applying before the expiration date, the fastest and easiest way to apply for an extension these days is online. You will need to either use the IRCC secure account you had previously set up for your initial application or you can register for one here. Once you are set up and logged into your account, you must fill out the required forms, submit the required supporting documents and pay the fee (currently CAD $155).

Once you have submitted your application, you are entitled to continue working under the same conditions as the most recent work permit until a decision is made. In the eyes of the Canadian Government, you have, “maintained your status.” In this situation, it is important to retain the proof of this entitlement to provide to your employer, should they ask. If you apply online a letter (WP-EXT except for PGWP) will be sent to your secure account which will explain to your employer that you are eligible to continue working. An expiration date of 120 days from the time of application is included, however, you are entitled to continue working under the same conditions of your most recent work permit until a decision is made – even if that happens after these 120 days. COVID has delayed application processing timelines and so you may be waiting 6 months or more to receive a decision on your application for extension.

If you have submitted a paper application, retain a copy of this and proof of payment to show your employer that you are still eligible. Calver Immigration Consulting Inc. is ready to intervene on your behalf should an employer cast doubt on the proof you have provided.

But my work permit has expired…

If your permit expires before you have applied for an extension, you may still have options:

  • First, you must stop working as you have lost your status as a worker.

  • Second, you must apply to restore your status using your IRCC secure account.

The fee for this restoration application is currently CAD $200 plus the fees for your permit. As well, your employer must complete their required steps, including obtaining a new LMIA or LMIA-exempt job offer number, if it is required. This process must be completed within 90 days of the expiration of your work permit, or you will be required to leave Canada and begin a new work permit application. You must also apply for a work permit extension. If your status is restored, you are eligible to work while a decision is made on your work permit extension application.

Things Are a Little Different for Foreign Business Owners.

If you are a foreign business owner who has submitted or is planning to submit, an Application for Permanent Residence (APR) you can also apply for a temporary work permit to work in Canada. Typically, this will be granted for one year. Extensions will be granted on a case-by-case basis, and you will be required to have an APR in process.

Take-Home Points
  • Keep on top of your expiration dates – extensions applications are cheaper and easier if submitted before this date!

  • An expiration date is not always the end of the road – you can correct this mistake.

Let’s Prepare Together

Calver Immigration Consulting Inc. can assess your case and advise you on any of the above-mentioned scenarios you might find yourself in. If you're ready, book an online consultation with us and we'll help you get started.


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