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How The Canadian Hospitality Industry Can Benefit From Hiring Foreign Workers.

How The LMIA Application Process Can Strengthen Your Workforce And Benefit The Hospitality Industry In The Long Run.

Almost one million jobs were unfilled in the second quarter of 2022, according to a Statistics Canada job vacancy report released Sept. 21. It's no secret that the labour market in Canada is currently a job seeker's market, with the hospitality industry, specifically restaurants and hotels, being the worst hit by this labour shortage.

Several consequences have resulted from the labour shortage in this sector, according to the Hotel Association of Canada:
  • Existing employees take on double shifts.

  • Hindered growth.

  • Investments forgone and less investment made.

  • Costs of operation are higher.

  • Reduced profits.

  • Loss of market competitiveness.

  • Poor customer service.

The businesses who have updated their HR Strategy to include global recruitment have seen many benefits including lower employee turnover and more of a stable workforce in the long term.

Here is our expert advice on finding and hiring foreign workers in Canada

Look for foreign workers who are already in Canada on Open Work Permits:

  1. International students are a great example of a candidate you can hire for a part-time or seasonal position. They can work part-time during the semester and full-time while they are on break.

  2. People who are on spousal open work permits are also great candidates who will be able to work in more of a consistent full-time position. These candidates also already have a SIN number, making them eligible to work for your business.

  3. Candidates with an International Experience Class permit are usually workers with working holiday visas seeking permanent employment after their permit expires. The IEC program is often very popular amongst people in countries from Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, who are looking for work experience in the Canadian hospitality and tourism industry. These types of foreign workers are favourable candidates for Canadian employers to permanently employ in their business.

Find candidates and hire using the Temporary Foreign Worker program:

This is the perfect program for companies looking to enhance their HR Strategy and find permanent solutions to their staffing shortages.

The LMIA is used to show that you as a Canadian employer couldn't find Canadians to work in your business and that you can afford the salaries and meet the program's requirements. We help you to advertise for the positions and show no Canadians were available. At the end of the process, you are issued a positive MIA with or without a worker's name on it (without if you don't have the person yet). You can apply for as many positions as you'd like, but for one MIA it all has to be for the same occupation.

In that regard, we are able to offer our expertise. The LMIA application has 8 basic steps to follow:

  • Verify the need for an LMIA

  • Determine the wage rate: Low Wage or High Wage

  • Create, and action advertisement plan

  • Collate your required documents

  • Pay the fees and submit the application

  • LMIA Interview

  • Receive the decision

  • Give the LMIA info to your candidate

Learn more about the LMIA

We have a series on our YouTube channel dedicated to helping Canadian businesses navigate and understand the LMIA processes. Watch the video below to see the differences between high-wage and low-wage LMIAs and how to determine which one is best for you.

work with us

Larger Canadian hotels and resorts that we are working with use the LMIA application strategically as part of their overall HR Strategy. This has allowed these Canadian resorts to invest in international candidates who have closed work permits and can only work for their resort, decreasing employee turnover in the longer term. As LMIA specialists, we help Canadian businesses combine local and international resources to remain competitive and reduce the impact of labour shortages on their operations.


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