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Everything You Need To Know About The Latest International Experience Canada Program Update!

Over the past year and a half, the world has shifted to a more virtual way of doing business and the latest IEC update will give individuals who are working remotely or looking for the ultimate working holiday experience the chance to easily come to Canada for extended periods.

If you are a digital nomad looking for a change in atmosphere and work from Toronto, or someone who has dreams of working in the winter ski season, the IEC visa is just the program that will get you there!

The latest IEC updates:

If you have received our latest newsletter update, you’ll know that Canada’s borders have opened for fully vaccinated individuals who meet Canadian COVID-19 regulations.

This is also exciting news for applicants of the IEC working pool visa, as Canada Government has announced that the weekly draws will be resuming as of today, 13th September 2021!

In accordance with the latest update, the regulations for eligibility of the IEC visa are as follows:

As an IEC participant, you are eligible for travel if you:

  • Have a port of entry letter of introduction and

  • Are fully vaccinated with a Government of Canada-accepted vaccine at least 14 days prior to entering Canada,


  • You have proof of a valid job offer and can start your job as soon as you complete a 14-day quarantine period.

- Make sure that you check the start date of your job offer before you travel and account for the days you’ll be in quarantine.

The Three Pools of the International Experience Program:

  1. Young Professionals: Gain Canadian professional work experience to better compete in a global economy.

  2. International Co-op (Internship): Get valuable overseas work experience related to your field of study.

  3. Working Holiday - Latest Update:

Due to current travel restrictions, unvaccinated and partially-vaccinated Working Holiday candidates will have to:

  • provide proof of a valid job offer when they arrive in Canada

  • be required to quarantine.

If you’ve applied for the Working Holiday program, you don’t need to submit a job offer to get an invitation to apply (ITA) anymore. If you are in a pool, you will be eligible for (ITA).

Update of Countries that are eligible for the IEC program and the three pools they have access to:

Depending on your country or territory, you can check which of the three pools you are eligible to apply for. Eligible applicant ages generally range from 18 - 35 years, depending on the country.

Who is this program for?

IEC is a great way for you to get a work permit quickly for Canada - it will allow you to gain access to Canada without a job offer and start work as soon as you’re here. Professionals can benefit from this category to help them access the Canadian job market to help them get here quickly as opposed to going through the LMIA process which can be a lengthy process.

Our International Experience Class Services:

If you want to jump-start your journey today, feel free to book an online consultation where we will be able to help you choose the right program and assess your eligibility.

We will be able to also give you a breakdown and full guidance of the following:

  • Fees involved with applying to one of the three pools in the IEC program.

  • Guide you through the requirements needed before applying.

  • Assist you with gathering the documentation and submission to the government

  • Help with landing in Canada

  • Introduction to Canadian employers and support services while you’re here in Canada

Want to know how you can prepare and plan for the IEC program?

There are various aspects that you need to know and plan for if you’re thinking of applying for the IEC program. That is where we come in!

Jade Calver has recently published 2021’s Guide To Moving To Canada which is a guide that will help you with more than just the application process but will act as a roadmap to follow for various other aspects that are generally overlooked when applying for any type of Canadian Immigration or Visa program. It takes into consideration everything from financing and where to live, to finalizing matters before you embark on your journey to Canada - and so much more!

You can purchase the guide here and read more about it in our previous blog post!


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