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Immigration Canada FAQ | COVID-19

Travel restrictions, application processing times, flagpoling, etc.

Can I return to Canada with my spouse during the Travel restrictions?

If you or your spouse are included in the list of persons who are exempt from travel restrictions, you may return to Canada.

Can I give my fingerprints (biometrics) for my Temporary Residency or Permanent residency during the COVID-19 restrictions in Canada?

To prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus, some visa application centres are closed until further notice. Some IRCC offices are currently operating with essential staff only. At Service Canada locations, biometric collection services have been suspended until further notice.

Due to this suspension, biometric services have been suspended until further notice.

How are Immigration applications being affected during COVID-19?

As of today, May 13th, 2020, IRCC will continue to process immigration applications. However, there may be an impact on processing times for applications. The current processing time estimates listed by the Processing Time Calculator may not be accurate.

I’m in Canada as a Temporary Resident and my status is about to expire. What should I do?

Temporary residents who are currently in Canada can apply to extend their status online. A temporary resident who has applied to extend their status is allowed to remain in Canada until a decision is made on their new application, even if their initial status expires while they are waiting for that decision. This is called implied status.

It’s important to note that IRCC has advised Temporary Resident applicants NOT to travel to a port of entry (POE) to apply directly to a border services officer. Travelling to a POE from inside Canada for the purpose of getting immigration services is not considered essential travel, and they will not receive these services.

How are international students being affected by COVID-19?

International students who held a valid study permit or had been approved for a study permit when the travel restrictions took effect on March 18, 2020, will be able travel to Canada by air or land. They will be exempt from air travel and border restrictions. This exemption is to accommodate students who are in the middle of their course of study or who have just been approved to study in Canada but were outside Canada when the travel restrictions took effect.

However, it is important to note that IRCC has advised those affected by these exemptions NOT to try to travel to Canada immediately. IRCC will announce when the exemptions are in place. Further, international students who are exempt from air travel restrictions will undergo the necessary health checks and must self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival in Canada.


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