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How To Prove Work Experience For Express Entry | Free Letter Sample

Understanding How To Provide The Correct Proof Of Work Experience Documentation For Your Express Entry Application. Free Sample & Guide Included!

Submitting a sufficient amount of proof of work experience is crucial to the success of your Expres Entry application. Planning is key, especially when it comes to collating information from past employers who might not see the urgency in giving you the documents you need. Today we will be giving you some examples of different ways you can prove your work experience and you will be able to download a free work experience letter sample that can help you in this process.

Reference letters

Express Entry applicants are generally required to submit proof for every period of work experience in the last ten years. Work experience letters from your employer provide the best evidence of your work experience. ​​Letters from your current and former (if any) employers describing your work experience are a very important part of your application. These letters should be detailed and must show the Canadian Immigration officer reviewing your application that you performed certain work activities for a specific duration in accordance with your skills and qualifications.

Work Experience Letters

A work experience letter is a standard of proof that is used in express entry applications.

Some of the basic requirements for the work experience letter are:

  • written on company letterhead

  • signed by the responsible supervisor

  • show the company’s full address

What if you can't get references from old employers?

In some cases, previous employers cannot be reached or are taking too long to respond to your request for reference letters. There are alternative documents that can be provided instead of references if you cannot obtain references within 60 days. We generally only resort to providing these documents as a last resort for applications, as the work experience letters are what is required by IRCC.

Those documents include the following:

  • Employment contracts

  • Promotion letters

  • Paystubs

  • Pictures of you at work

  • Sworn declarations from former colleagues

Let’s Navigate the Process Together

Our team understands how the tight 60-day deadline for Express Entry can make it difficult for applicants to ensure that all criteria are fully met and applicants fear their applications being returned as incomplete due to invalid documentation. Get in touch with our team of professionals who can help you prepare your Express Entry application and guide you through the process from start to finish.


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