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How to Immigrate to Canada as a Couple - Express Entry

Applying for PR with Your Spouse

Couples applying through the Express Entry system can follow one of two pathways:

  1. The principal applicant lists the spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner as a dependent

  2. The principal applicant names their partner as a secondary applicant

Oftentimes, couples will approach us with the intention of including their spouse in their Express Entry profile because they want their partner to accompany them to Canada. In some cases, however, the main applicant will have a higher CRS score without including their spouse.

In this circumstance, we often recommend that the main applicant includes their partner as a “non-accompanying” partner/spouse. Upon arriving in Canada and obtaining Permanent Residency, the main applicant can then sponsor their non-accompanying partner for PR as well.

It’s important to note that the main applicant must still disclose that they are married (or in a common-law or conjugal relationship), however, they will indicate that the partner will not come with them to Canada through their application.

How to Get PR in Canada

Can both spouses apply for Express Entry?

Yes, both spouses can apply for Permanent Residency. Each spouse can create their own Express Entry profile and include their partner in the profile. You can then wait to see who receives an Invitation to Apply (ITA) first.

Each applicant can either include their spouse as an accompanying spouse or non-accompanying.

How to Immigrate to Canada with a Low CRS Score

Can my spouse and I apply for Express Entry twice?

Each applicant can only have one Express Entry profile at a time. For example, person A cannot create two separate profiles, one with their partner accompanying and one with their partner non-accompanying.

However, person A can create a profile and person B can create a profile. Whichever person receives an ITA first can then applying for PR (with or without their partner accompanying, depending on what they indicated in their profile).

Should I include my spouse on my Express Entry application?

As mentioned, you should always disclose your marriage/common-law relationship/conjugal partnership on your application. However, your partner does not need to accompany you to Canada.

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