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14-Day Quarantine Plan Travel to Canada

Quarantine Plan CBSA

Travellers who are exempt from travel restrictions and who are eligible to come to Canada must have a 14-day quarantine plan that shows how they will quarantine for 2 weeks upon entering the country.

With this new requirement, many travellers are unsure of how to prove that they will meet the quarantine requirements.

Only those eligible travellers who display no symptoms of COVID-19 will be permitted to enter the country. Even if you are authorized to enter Canada, you must quarantine for 14 days. You must also provide contact information for yourself, and you must self-monitor for symptoms of the coronavirus.

It is important to know that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) may monitor your compliance during these 14 days. This includes checking up on you by phone or in person. If you receive a phone call, it will come from the CBSA number, 1-888-336-7735. It’s important that you answer this call to show that you have complied with the quarantine plan.

If CBSA finds that you have violated the quarantine requirements, you could face serious consequences such as fines and imprisonment.

How to make a quarantine plan?

In order to be successful, we recommend that you show that you:

  • Have a suitable place to quarantine with proper necessities to ensure you won’t need to go anywhere for 14 days (i.e. groceries, pharmaceuticals, etc.)

  • Will go directly to your quarantine place without delay or detour, and stay for 14 days

  • Will receive no guests during the 14 days, and will not leave the place of quarantine except for medical attention.

    • It is acceptable to use shared spaces or private outdoor spaces as long as you avoid contact with anyone who didn’t travel with them, disinfects spaces after use, wears a mask or keeps 6 feet from others living in the place of quarantine.

  • Will wear a face-covering during transit – use private transportation if possible and avoid contact with others during transit (i.e. pay at the pump for gas, use drive-through for food, etc.)

  • Will comply with physical distancing (maintain a 6-foot distance from all others, at all times)

  • Will self-monitor for fever, cough, and/or difficulty breathing and contact public health authorities if any of these symptoms develop

Some provinces also have regional rules with which you must also comply. Make sure you check the province of destination to be sure no local rules are violated.

Canada Border Quarantine Plan

As part of your quarantine plan upon entering Canada, you can also confirm the following:

  • None of the individuals returning to Canada with you show any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, and they have not experienced any similar symptoms in the past few months;

  • That you are travelling and will continue to travel in a private vehicle until you reach your residence located at [provide address]

  • The family will be living alone at their home and will have no contact with visitors for at least 14 days. Given that they live in a house alone, they will not have any contact with vulnerable populations;

  • You have brought basic groceries and medications to last you a number of days and have confirmed with neighbours and friends who live nearby that they will be able to have groceries delivered at your place of residence. This will avoid any contact with strangers or having to leave the house during the period of self-isolation;

  • Traveller 1 is well aware that s/he will not be able to work or attend their place of employment until 14 days have passed since their return to Canada;

    • Include this note for each employed individual returning to Canada

  • Parent 1 and Parent 2 will be taking care of their children at home and will not be relying on any daycare, schooling or similar services during the mandatory period of self-isolation (if applicable)

  • More generally, none of the family members will be leaving their house in [city] for at least 14 days after returning to Canada;

  • Traveller 1 and their family will be monitoring their health and stay vigilant for any signs of COVID-19; and

  • Should any family member develop signs or symptoms associated with COVID-19, they will immediately call a health care professional, follow their instructions and extend the period of quarantine should it be necessary.


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Oct 01, 2021

I received a call from this number but wasn't able to answer. I am in the USA and have not traveled outside the USA. Could it be a spoof.


Katrin John
Katrin John
Jul 19, 2021

When they call me from this number

+1 888 336 7735 i do not understand the question they ask Because I do not know English so well. Which problem will not occur to me?


Neha neha
Neha neha
Apr 22, 2021

If someone did not answered the whole call from 1-888-336-7735, will they call back again to confirm? How many times will they try to get the confirmation?

Calver Immigration Consulting Inc.
Calver Immigration Consulting Inc.
Apr 22, 2021
Replying to

You'll likely get an in-person visit from an officer if you don't pick up.

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