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Proof of Relationship Spouse Canada

Many of our YouTube subscribers have asked about how to show proof of relationship for a spousal sponsorship application. When you apply to sponsor your spouse for Permanent Residency, you must prove that the relationship is genuine and authentic.

There are a number of documents you can provide to show your relationship is real. Today, Jade reviews some of the documents that we recommend our clients include in their application.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are just some documents that you should include in your application. This is not an exhaustive list of what to include in a spousal sponsorship application. Further, depending on the relationship (i.e. if you’re common-law or conjugal), there may be other documents you should provide.

Proof of Relationship - Relationship Narrative

A relationship narrative is a document we recommend most applicants include in their application. A relationship narrative is basically a story about your relationship and how you met. Each person in the relationship can write a narrative from their own perspective.

You should talk about how you met, how your relationship progressed over time, your wedding/marriage (if you had one), or the time you became common-law. This letter will show the visa officer reviewing your application how your relationship developed over time. You should think of the narrative as a way to show your relationship is real and will stand the test of time.

Proof of Relationship - Supporting Documents

Next, you will need to include what is called “supporting documents” in your application. Supporting documents are exactly how they sound, they support the application and prove the relationship is authentic.

For an in-Canada application, the main purpose of the supporting documents is to show that you live together in Canada and that you are formally recognized as a couple.

Some items you can include to show this are:

  • Joint bank account statements showing the same address in Canada

  • Copy of joint lease or ownership of property in Canada

  • Copies of joint utility bills (e.g. phone bills, water bills, electricity, etc.)

  • Driver’s licenses showing the same address

  • Car or life insurance showing you both listed at the same address

Proof of Relationship - Relationship Photos

In your application, you should include 20 photos to support your relationship. These photos should function similarly to the relationship narrative in that they tell the story of your relationship.

You should include pictures from the span of the relationship (when you first met until now). We also recommend that you include photos from your wedding and ensure that other people (i.e. friends and family) are in these photos with you. It can look suspicious if the photos are only selfies of you and your partner because it may seem like friends/family don’t know about/aren’t involved in the relationship.

With these pictures, you should also include a caption to explain what was happening in the photo, who was involved, and when it was taken.

Proof of Relationship - Letters From Friends and Family

In your application, you should also include some letters from friends and family members. These letters should be written from both the sponsor and the principal applicant’s friends/family.

These letters should include information about how that person knows you and when they met you as a couple. It can be helpful for the writer to talk about the evolution of the relationship (i.e. when they met the person, what they know about the couple, how they feel about the relationship, etc.). You can download a sample proof of relationship letter here.


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