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Family Sponsorship in Canada for Same-Sex Parents


In addition to wishing our clients and the public a happy pride month, Calver and Associates also wants to provide some tools and information for those who want to learn more about LGBTQ+ experiences during the immigration process. Canada is one of the most progressive countries in regards to LGBTQ+ rights, but we’ve found that the immigration process can still be difficult for many members of the community, especially when it comes to sponsorship.

Spousal Sponsorship

Family and spousal sponsorship allows Canadian citizens to help their loved ones become permanent residents. Luckily, Canadian Immigration treats same-sex couples the same as any heterosexual couple. However, this does not mean that there aren’t roadblocks for same-sex spousal sponsorship applications.

Bringing your Children to Canada

Family sponsorship can create additional challenges for same-sex parents seeking to bring their child to Canada. The method by which same-sex parents may include their children on a sponsorship application can differ depending on the laws of the country one is immigrating from.

Some countries require same-sex parents to go through an adoption process prior to sponsoring their child if the non-Canadian parent gave birth or if a couple used a non-Canadian surrogate. Depending on where the adoption is completed, it can be subject to Canada’s laws on intercountry adoption. If completed outside of Canada, this does not apply.

Once the adoption process is completed, parents may bring their child to Canada through either the citizenship process or the immigration process, depending on their eligibility. If at least one parent is a Canadian citizen, the child may receive a direct grant of citizenship through the citizenship process. However, if they are not eligible for this process, a child may become a permanent resident of Canada through the immigration process.


Our Services

Calver and Associates is a leading provider of Canadian Immigration services in Durham Region. We serve clients in Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, and beyond. Our Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant has over 10 years of experience in Canadian Immigration law and over four years of experience serving those in the Oshawa area.

We can provide assistance with applications for both temporary and permanent residency in Canada. We handle applications for study permits, permanent residency, family class sponsorship, visitor visas, work permits, and Canadian citizenship. We also handle criminal inadmissibility cases by developing remedies for refusal.

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