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The International Experience Canada Program is Open for 2021

The International Experience Canada program opened on March 1, 2021!

In the past, the IEC program has opened in December; however, with the pandemic, the program was postponed from 2020 until the new year.

It’s important to note that the program has not opened to every country; however, some of the biggest participating countries with pools that opened on March 1 include Australia, France, and Ireland.

There is a crucial change that’s important to acknowledge with regard to the opening of the program in 2021.

IEC Requirements 2021

Only IEC participants with a Port of Entry Letter of Introduction and a valid job offer are eligible to travel to Canada right now. You must also be able to start your job as soon as you complete your quarantine. Check the start date on your job offer before you travel.

To learn more about restrictions for travel to Canada and additional testing and quarantine requirements use the Flying to Canada requirements checklist.

This is an important change to note as IEC candidates were not required to have a job offer in the past. To clarify this new requirement, we’re answering some frequently asked questions about this change.

What should my IEC job offer include?

Your job offer needs to include the following information:

  • Business’s legal name and business’ operating name

  • Job title

  • Physical job location including city and province or territory

  • Main duties of the job

  • Expected start date of employment

  • Expected duration of employment

  • Employer’s primary contact information

  • Wage and hours of work

I’m already in Canada. Do I still need a job offer for the IEC program?

IRCC has confirmed that all Working Holiday candidates will be required to submit proof of a job offer to receive an invitation (including those already in Canada).

What about self-employment or remote work? Will these qualify for the IEC job offer requirement?

Information about the new job offer requirement is limited at this point. Based on the information requested by IRCC (i.e.g company name, location, etc.), it seems likely that IRCC will only accept applicants with job offers from Canadian companies for positions based in Canada.


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