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Start-up Visa: How to Avoid a Peer Review

Our Top Five Tips That Will Prevent A Peer Review Altogether

Canada’s Start-up Visa Program is designed to connect designated organizations in Canada with immigrant entrepreneurs. Through this connection, immigrant entrepreneurs can gain permanent residence to launch their innovative business start-ups and make a meaningful contribution to Canada’s economy.

What is a Peer Review?

If an immigration officer believes your Start-up Visa application requires further consideration, it will be sent to an independent panel of experts in your industry for a peer review. A peer review is a process used to evaluate the authenticity of your application, the legitimacy of your business, and to act as a safeguard against any fraudulent activity.

Keep in mind that you will be notified if your application is sent for peer review, so be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to respond confidently, showing the value of your business. At that point, you should ensure that all information requested by the review panel is provided, including a commitment certificate, client agreements, and other relevant information that may be requested.

However, prevention is key; so let’s discuss how we might avoid the peer review process altogether:

Be meticulous: Before submitting your application, ensure that you have paid the appropriate fees, have completed all forms, and have attached any necessary documents. Make a checklist if you find that helpful.

Familiarize yourself with industry standards: The immigration officer must be convinced that you have conducted your own research that the designated entity who supported your application has done its due diligence in reviewing your business proposal. Draw connections between your start-up and what is expected of qualifying businesses. A well-researched business plan included in an application is a must.

Show them what you got and who you are: Strong businesses are built by strong teams. Be sure to convey the expertise, acumen, and rapport among your team members. Teams with a notable history tend to face less scrutiny.

Keep track of your business’ progress: The Start-up Visa program is intended to produce professional growth. So, provide concrete proof of past, current and projected revenue, profitability, and business deals. As you await approval, continue building and investing in your start-up!

Do your own peer review: Consult reliable resources and licensed professionals to help you proofread your application. Having another pair of eyes review the application you have dedicated your time to can allow you to see things you may have missed.

We’re Here To Help

Whether you are considering applying for a start-up visa, have already begun the process, or have been notified your application is being peer-reviewed, Calver Immigration Consulting Inc. is here to help! Also, if you would like to know more about requirements and useful tips for the Start-up Visa Program, check out another one of our blogs posts here.


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