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International Students in Canada | COVID-19

International Students Leaving Canada

International students currently in Canada are advised to stay, if possible. Immigration Canada has advised all residents in Canada (permanent and temporary) to stay in Canada and avoid all non-essential travel.

For international students who plan on travelling home, you should consider the following:

  1. Whether your home country will allow you to enter;

  2. Whether you can return to Canada in future if in-person classes were to resume and;

  3. Whether your eligibility for Post-Graduate Work Permit would be affected.

It’s important to note that many airlines are suspending flights. With many airports closing, this could significantly disrupt any travel plans you make now.

“Making the choice to stay at home and to not travel outside of Canada is the best way to protect yourself, your family and the most vulnerable groups in our communities from the spread of COVID-19.” - The Government of Canada

International Students Staying in Canada

International students who are continuing their programs of study can apply to extend their study permit, even if you do not have a decision on your application for an extension, you are able to continue studying under implied status, as long as you have applied for an extension prior to the expiration date of your late study permit.

Those who are not eligible to extend their study permits and who are unable to return home may extend their stay in Canada by changing their status to visitor or worker.

I’m no longer studying in Canada. Can I stay in Canada on my study permit?

If you’re no longer studying, you can apply to change your status to visitor, as long as your study permit has not expired. If you want to continue working or studying, you may be able to extend your study permit if you’re eligible.

My study permit expired. Can I stay in Canada?

If it’s been less than 90 days since your status expired, you can apply to restore your status. To restore your status, use the document checklist and guide for extending your stay as a student.

When you apply, make sure to:

  • Select “Restore my status” under section 3 at the top of the form.

  • Include a note explaining the reason you need to extend your stay.

  • Include the restoration fee.

If your temporary resident status is restored, you’ll get a visitor record or appropriate permit. Your record or permit will outline the conditions of your stay in Canada.

Your temporary resident status in Canada will be extended until a specified date.

If it has been more than 90 days since your status expired, you may be eligible to apply for a temporary resident permit and remain in Canada with legal status. When you apply, make sure you include a note explaining the reason you need to extend your stay.

International Students Returning to Canada

Many international students wonder how they can leave and return to Canada with the travel restrictions in place. As of March 18th, 2020, the Government of Canada closed its borders to most travellers. However, exemptions are in place for those who had their study permit approved on or before March 18th, 2020.

This means that students who were accepted into spring- or summer-start programs are permitted to come to Canada. In addition to health screening protocols before travel, all individuals entering from abroad must isolate for 14 days upon their arrival in Canada.

In order to be approved entrance, students must show a valid study permit or an invitation letter from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) dated March 18th, 2020, or earlier.

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