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How To Get A Visitor's Visa In Canada 2022

Up To Date Steps To Follow When Applying For A Canadian
Visitor Visa In 2022

Now that Canada has bid farewell to winter, for now, many people are looking forward to experiencing the amazing spring and summer seasons! So, this blog will focus on how to apply for a Canadian visitor visa.

What is required?

A visitor visa, actually called a temporary resident visa, is an official document put inside your passport to indicate that you meet the necessary requirements to enter Canada. While visitors can usually stay in Canada for up to six months, a visitor record will be given to outline the conditions of one’s temporary stay or to extend it.

To obtain a visitor visa (temporary resident visa) you must:

  • have a valid travel document

  • be in good health condition

  • have a clean criminal record

Additionally, you may need a letter of invitation from someone who resides in Canada and to undergo a medical examination, depending on your country of residence. It is also important for you to prove that you have sufficient finances to sustain your trip to Canada and that you have strong ties to your home country (e.g., family, friends, investments, etc). An immigration officer must be convinced that you will return home at the end of your visit.

How to apply?
  1. Ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements for a Canadian visitor's visa

  2. Begin gathering the required documents

  3. Apply online or submit a paper application at a visa application centre

After you apply

It is crucial that you submit a complete visa visitor application, called a temporary resident visa application by IRCC, as an uncompleted one will result in a refusal. IRCC will rarely request additional documentation when you apply for a TRV with missing information, so it's important that it is complete at the time of application.

Before application is approved, you will receive instructions for giving your biometrics (fingerprints and photos). Biometrics serve security purposes and are necessary to confirm your identity. Be sure to book your biometrics appointment in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary delays. If you’re unable to book a biometrics appointment in time, accommodations may be made to assist you. You will not need to give biometrics if you’re 17 or under, 61 or over, or have been approved for a visitor visa in the last 10 years.

If your application is approved, you will receive a passport request letter, where you will need to submit your passport to your local visa application centre (VAC). This will allow the visa office to inset your visa in the passport. This TRV will be valid anywhere from 6 months to 10 years, but remember you're only allowed entry for 6 months at a time to Canada.

If your application is not approved, you will receive an explanation as to why your application was refused. If you have a TRV refusal, you can request for reconsideration, apply again with new documentation, or appeal the negative decision to Federal Court.

Processing times vary depending on the country you’re applying from, whether your application is complete, how quickly your information can be verified, and how you respond to requests asked of you, among other factors.

How COVID impacts your visit

Restrictions and border measures have been put in place to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak. If you’re outside of Canada, you can only enter the country if you are eligible, even if you already possess a visitor visa. Find out if you’re eligible here!

How we can help

The pandemic has made the process of travelling to foreign countries even more dynamic than they were before. Calver Immigration Consulting Inc. is committed to helping clients along each step of the way.

We invite you to check out our social media pages where we post regularly about Canadian Immigration news and updates and tips for navigating the Canadian immigration process.


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