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Why you shouldn’t rush into a marriage-based application for Canadian Immigration

Canada, renowned for its welcoming immigration policies and diverse culture, has proven to be an alluring destination for immigrants from across the globe. Among various immigration routes, the Family Class Sponsorship, which includes marriage-based visas, has been a popular choice for many. However, the decision to get married, particularly with the sole purpose of acquiring a visa, should not be made in haste. This article elucidates the reasons why it's prudent not to rush into marriage for the purpose of obtaining a Canadian marriage-based visa.


Understanding the Canadian Marriage-Based Visa

We often get questions about fiancé visas for Canada, however these do not exist in Canada.The Canadian government, through its Family Class Sponsorship program, allows Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their spouse or common-law partner to immigrate to Canada. The objective of this program is to uphold the principle of family reunification. However, the process is not as simple as it might seem. It requires substantial documentation, adherence to immigration laws, and involves rigorous verification processes to ensure the legitimacy of the marriage.

Reasons Not to Rush Marriage for a Permanent Resdiency Visa

1. Legal Implications

Misrepresentation or fraudulent applications are taken very seriously by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). If a marriage is found to be solely for the purpose of immigration, it could be deemed a 'sham' or 'marriage of convenience.' The consequences for such actions can be severe, including a five-year ban on applying for any sort of visa or even deportation.

2. Emotional and Psychological Well-being

Entering into a marriage, especially with the intention of migrating to another country, is a major decision. It carries immense emotional and psychological implications. Rushing into such a significant life event might lead to emotional distress, regret, and can strain relationships. We also advise our clients to only get married because they intend to do so, not to rush along a visa application.

3. Financial Considerations

The financial aspect of marriage is often underestimated. The process of sponsoring a spouse is not inexpensive. Application fees, medical exams, police checks, and legal fees can all add up. Furthermore, the sponsor must demonstrate financial stability and ability to support their spouse once they arrive in Canada.

4. Cultural Differences and Adaptation

Marrying someone from another culture or country for the sake of a visa can also bring unforeseen challenges. Adjusting to a new culture, lifestyle, and language can be stressful. Building a successful life in Canada requires more than just a legal status; it demands resilience, adaptability, and commitment.

Other options to a Marriage-based visa in Canada

When a couple is not ready to get married yet, but they would like to spend time together in Canada, we can often find other options for a person to come to Canada. These include a visitor visa (TRV), study in Canada, or a work permit in Canada. Often these can allow the couple to spend time together without rushing into marriage which as we’ve mentioned above can have negative consequences on your future with your loved one in Canada.

At Calver Immigration Consulting Inc. we have decades of experience preparing marriage-based applications including spousal, common-law and conjugal applications. We are inclusive as a practice and welcome same-sex applicants, please get in touch and book an online consultation with us here.


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