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What To Do If You’ve Made A Mistake On Your Online Citizenship Application

Our Tips To Remedy Mistakes And Avoid Them Altogether.

We all are prone to making mistakes. The Canadian citizenship applications have numerous documents and forms where mistakes are bound to happen if you're not careful. Nonetheless, mistakes are avoidable! Here are some tips on avoiding the most common mistakes made when applying for Canadian citizenship.

the most common mistakes and how to fix them

Missing of Incorrect information in the Citizenship application forms:

The application process has a few forms that are mandatory as part of the application for Canadian citizenship. There is an application for Canadian citizenship form and a physical presence calculator, both of which need to have the same application date in order to be accepted. The document checklist also needs to be included in the application. The application asks for information on a person's presence in Canada for the last five years, whether they've filed taxes, their nationalities, and other information that will help the government to determine your eligibility. It is important that this information be accurate when filing the application. If you submit the application with a major error in the form, such as applying from outside of Canada, or with the incorrect physical presence information, sometimes it's prudent to withdraw the application. In other instances, minor issues on the forms can be fixed by submitting an amendment to IRCC via webform.

Missing or incorrect documents

The application process for Canadian citizenship can be long, and therefore getting the documentation correct the first time is your best bet to becoming a Canadian citizen as quickly as possible. You should include in the application two pieces of government-issued ID, passports issued to you in the last five years, as well as proof of your knowledge of English or French. You may also need to include police certificates if you've lived elsewhere in the last five years, or if you have had a name change. Lastly, you'll need to include your citizenship photos and government application fees. Having the correct documents included in your citizenship application the first time is important, as incomplete citizenship applications can be returned to the applicant, costing you time and money.

Too many absences from Canada:

You must be physically present in Canada as a permanent resident for 1,095 days within five years immediately before applying for citizenship. Conducting the calculations for this may be difficult and complicated. If you miscalculate your days outside of Canada and apply with an incorrect calculation of your days in Canada, this can affect your eligibility and result in your application being refused. If you are unsure of how many day you've been in Canada, it's best to seek legal help to ensure that you are accurate with. your calculations.

Get In Touch For Some Additional Help

In sum, applications for Canadian citizenship may seem relatively simple at first glance, but mistakes in the application process can result in a long and drawn-out process if you're not careful. Calver Immigration Consulting Inc. can work with you to ensure the application process has minimal errors so you can successfully obtain Canadian citizenship.


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