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Reaffirming the Global Skills Strategy: A Closer Look at the Two-Week Processing Commitment

In an era of unprecedented global competition for talent, the Canadian Government, in a proactive approach, has reaffirmed its commitment to the Global Skills Strategy (GSS).


A cornerstone of this commitment is to process work permit applications under the GSS within two weeks. A quick turn-around time like this presents a competitive advantage for Canada, given the global competition for highly skilled workers.

The Global Skills Strategy, launched initially in 2017, was designed to help Canadian employers attract the talent they need to spur innovation, scale-up, and grow. One of its core benefits is expedited processing times for work permit applications. The two-week processing standard represents a significant reduction compared to the previous standard and is aimed at making Canada a more attractive destination for global talent.

The Two-Week Processing Commitment

The GSS’ two-week processing time is a remarkable commitment that aims to ensure employers in Canada can rapidly access top global talent. The reaffirmation of this commitment demonstrates the government's understanding of the need for agility and responsiveness in a rapidly evolving global talent marketplace.

GSS Qualification Requirements

To qualify for the GSS and benefit from the expedited processing times, both employers and potential employees must meet specific requirements:

1. Job Offer from an Approved Employer

The potential employee must have a job offer from an employer in Canada. The employer should be recognized and approved by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) or exempted from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

2. Category of Work*

The potential employee must be applying as a high-skilled worker. This typically means a position falling under a TEER level 0 or 1 position.

3. LMIA or LMIA Exemption*

The employer needs to be offering either an LMIA-supported job through the Global Talent Stream OR and LMIA-exempt role in a TEER level 0 or 1 role.

4. Application for Work Permit

The potential employee must apply for the work permit from outside Canada to benefit from the 2 week processing.

5. Additional Documentation

Appropriate supporting documentation such as proofs of professional qualifications, job offer letter, etc., must be provided. Don’t forget to include ties to home country to avoid a refusal on your work permit application.

Benefits of GSS

Aside from the expedited processing times, the GSS also offers several other benefits:

1. Spouse Accommodation

Spouses of highly skilled workers can apply for open work permits, and dependent children can apply for study permits, all processed within the two-week timeframe.

2. Dedicated Service Channel

Certain businesses can access a dedicated service channel for advice on immigration policies and processes.

In conclusion, the recommitment to the Global Skills Strategy and the two-week processing time reflects the government’s continued focus on innovation, economic growth, and competitiveness. It reinforces Canada's position as a top destination for global talent, which is vital for the country's economic prosperity in an increasingly interconnected world. If you are a highly skilled worker looking to make an impact in Canada or an employer wanting to tap into international expertise, the GSS offers an efficient and comprehensive solution.

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