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No Biometrics Required for Temporary Residents in Canada

Biometrics Exemption COVID-19

Biometrics During COVID

In March 2020, Service Canada closed its centres, although some have re-opened, biometrics collection services remain unavailable.

To help applicants, IRCC issued an extension, allowing applicants 90 days to provide their biometrics (in hopes that this would extend until centres could re-open). Biometric service collection will resume at a later date.

In the interim, IRCC has issued a temporary policy that exempts temporary residence applicants applying from within Canada from having to provide their biometrics.

This policy means that IRCC will be able to fully process and make decisions on temporary residence applications for those applying inland.

Who is exempt from biometric requirements?

You’re covered under this public policy if you’re in Canada and you’re applying for:

  • an extension of a work permit

  • a new work permit

  • an extension of a study permit

  • a new study permit

  • a visitor visa

  • a visitor record to allow you to stay in Canada as a temporary resident

  • restoration (extension) of temporary resident status

  • a temporary resident permit

What to do if you’re in Canada and applying for temporary residence

You don’t need to pay the biometric fee ($85 CAD), even if the system asks you to pay it when you submit your application.

I’ve already paid the biometric fee. Will I be refunded?

If you pay the biometric fee because you’ve been prompted to do so, and you receive a biometric instruction letter, you don’t have to give your biometrics as long as you’re eligible.

When your application is finalized, IRCC will send you a refund for the biometric fee. You do not need to do anything to initiate the refund.

I’m applying for Permanent Residency. Am I exempt from the biometric requirement?

IRCC is also looking at options to help permanent residence applicants in Canada. However, they haven’t released any updates at this point.


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