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LMIA Success Stories: How Employers and Foreign Workers Succeed Together

The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process in Canada can seem daunting for both employers and foreign workers. However, behind the paperwork and regulations, there are numerous success stories of employers and foreign workers coming together to create mutually beneficial partnerships. In this blog, we'll explore some inspiring LMIA success stories with our practice that highlight how employers and foreign workers can succeed together in Canada.

The Tech Trailblazer: Employing Skilled IT Professionals

One Canadian technology company, let's call it "TechSolutions Inc.," was facing a significant skills shortage in the rapidly evolving IT sector, their company provided software solutions to clients in Canada and overseas, and they had difficulty finding the talent to staff their business in Canada. They decided to explore the LMIA process to bring in skilled foreign workers from Latin America. After successfully obtaining LMIA approval, TechSolutions Inc. hired several talented IT professionals, many of whom had worked as overseas contractors for them before.

We filed for LMIAs through the Global Talent Stream, which meant that we did not have to advertise for the roles, as Canada acknowledges that employers face intense labour shortages in this sector. The workers then applied for work permits, which were processed in about 3 weeks, as we applied through the Global Skills Stategy, the workers were issued 3 year closed work permits, allowing them to work for the employer in Canada.

The Culinary Collaboration: Elevating Canada's Food Scene

A renowned restaurant in Toronto sought to elevate its culinary offerings by bringing in experienced chefs from different corners of the world. The restaurant applied for LMIA to hire foreign chefs with specialized skills in various cuisines, mostly in Thai and Indian cooking, they had difficulty attracting talent to these roles who had the right skillset for them as a restaurant.

These foreign sous-chefs were recruited from overseas, our practice filed for what is called an LMIA under the Permanent Residency (Express Entry stream), and the restaurant was approved to hire 2 different positions. We then filed for work permits for the workers to come to Canada. The workers also brought their spouses with them, and eventually transitioned to permanent residency through the Express Entry progran.

The Healthcare Hero: Bridging Gaps in Healthcare

Canada's healthcare system relies on a diverse workforce to provide quality care. A hospital in Ontario faced a shortage of workers, in this case a Radiation Technologist. They were unable to fill this role in Canada, they were located a few hours outside of the GTA, so as many rural communities, the labour shortages they felt were even more acute.

The recruiters contacted our practice, as they had found a suitable candidate in the Philippines. The worker had already obtained his license to practice Federally and provincially, and therefore was eligible to work in the role.

We filed for an LMIA through the Permanent Resident stream, and then for a work permit for the worker and his spouse. The worker is now living and working in the city in Ontario and the employer is happy with his performance and he has filled a gap in a Canadian essential service and will eventually become part of Canada’s permanent workforce.

These LMIA success stories exemplify how employers and foreign workers can succeed together in Canada. Through collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to mutual growth, employers have been able to fill skill gaps, elevate their industries, and contribute to their communities. Foreign workers, on the other hand, have gained valuable experiences, contributed to Canada's economy, and found new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

While the LMIA process may have its challenges, our firm’s success stories remind us of the positive outcomes that can emerge when employers and foreign workers come together. At Calver Immigration Consulting Inc. we’re proud of these wins and the lasting effect it will have on Canadian business success as well as on the lives of these workers.

If you're seeking success in the LMIA process with your Foreign Workers Calver Immigration Consulting Inc. is here to support you every step of the way. Book an online consultation with us today to get the help you need. book an online consultation with us here.


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