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Updated: Oct 8, 2019

When you apply for Permanent Residency or Canadian Citizenship, you must include a police certificate with your application. Upon Immigration Canada’s request, you may also need to provide a police check for a visitor visa, study permit, or work permit.

Police Certificates for Immigration to Canada

Police certificates act as a statement that you don’t have a criminal record. For those that do have a criminal record, the police certificate acts as a copy of that record for Immigration Canada.

You must submit a police certificate with your immigration application to prove that you are not a security risk and that you are admissible to Canada.

You may not have heard of the term police certificate before; in some countries, they are referred to as police clearance certificates, good conduct certificates, or judicial record extracts.

Police Certificates and Fingerprinting

It’s important not to confuse biometric information with fingerprints collected for a criminal records check. If you need to give your fingerprints for a police certificate, this isn’t the same as giving your biometrics for an application.  

Biometric information is collected in the form of fingerprints and a photograph as a form of identity confirmation. Fingerprints taken for a police certificate are used to complete a criminal background and records check.

If you have lived in Canada for more than 6 months since the age of 18, you may be asked for fingerprints to complete your criminal record check by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).  

When should I submit a police certificate?

Different programs have different timelines for document submission.

  • Express Entry candidates have 60 days to submit a police certificate

  • International Experience Canada candidates need to provide a police certificate at the time they submit a work permit application

  • Work Permit & Study Permits vary

Where to Find Canadian Fingerprinting Services 

To submit your fingerprints to the RCMP from outside of Canada, you must contact your local police jurisdiction to collect a copy of your fingerprints. Then, you must find an accredited company within Canada who can convert the paper fingerprint forms taken outside of Canada and submit them to CCRTIS electronically.   


Calver and Associates is a leading provider of Canadian Immigration services in Durham Region. We serve clients in Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, and beyond. Our Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant has over 10 years of experience in Canadian Immigration law and over four years of experience serving those in the Oshawa area. 

We can provide assistance with applications for both temporary and permanent residency in Canada. We handle applications for study permits, permanent residency, family class sponsorship, visitor visas, work permits, and Canadian citizenship. We also handle criminal inadmissibility cases by developing remedies for refusal


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