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Why hire an immigration consultant?

Why hire an immigration consultant?

Clients often wonder what role an immigration consultant plays in the process of reaching their Canadian immigration goals. Upon first contacting Calver and Associates, some clients have asked whether they need to hire a consultant or if they can submit their application on their own. It is important for all prospective applicants to know that the immigration process is often long and challenging. Further, Immigration policy is constantly changing, making it a difficult system to navigate on one’s own.

What are the advantages to hiring a registered immigration consultant?

  1. A Registered Immigration Consultant will save you the hassle of differentiating between different visas. They will help choose the best visa for you.
  2. Ensure your application is prepared properly and accepted by Case Processing Centre Mississauga (CPC-M) or CPC-Sydney for submission. If your application is submitted properly, you will avoid the risk of having your documents returned, resulting in a three month delay.
  3. Save time and money. If your application is returned or refused, this can extend the immigration process by months (sometimes over a year) and can cost additional money.
  4. Discover potential issues with your application before submitting it to CPC-M. An immigration consultant can address all potential issues ahead of time to prevent a visa officer from flagging the application for an interview, issuing a fairness letter, or refusing the application.
  5. Canadian Immigration Consultants must follow strict ethical and professional guidelines. Council members are subject to a Code of Ethics that require them to adhere to rules regarding quality service, professionalism, ethical practice, and confidentiality.
  6. Easier communication with the government. IRCC Call Centres are notorious for being difficult to handle. If you are able to reach a service representative, you may still encounter issues finding answers to your questions. Immigration is complicated and each case is unique.
  7. Following up and dealing with difficulties. If your documents aren’t delivered, online processes fail, or other issues arise, we work to resolve issues in a timely and efficient manner. This saves you time and frustration.

Hire an immigration consultant to ensure that your application is completed properly the first time and increase your chances of success.

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