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Canadian Immigration Services 

Settlement Services

Settlement Services for new citizens


In-TAC Pre-Arrival Services are funded by the government of Canada. They operate as an initiative of the Ottawa Chinese Community Services Centre (OCCSC). In-TAC Pre-Arrival Services provide a full range of settlement, employment, and language services to newcomers in order to facilitate their integration into Canadian society.

Some of their services include:

Online Workshops (sessions include choosing your destination, finding school for your children, wealth management and financial planning)

Phone Counselling (receive personalized advice from counsellors and create a Settlement Action Plan)

One-on-One Help (book a session for a private Action Plan meeting)

Electronic Info Sheets (important document checklists, instructions for completing forms necessary for crossing the border)

Employment Support (discuss your career plan, access the In-TAC job portal and labour market intelligence)

E-Connector Program (connect with other immigrants currently living in Canada)

Post-Landing Support (get connected with government funded immigrant services in your city)

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