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Understanding The Global Case Management System (GCMS) and What They Are Used For

Applying for Canadian immigration programs, be it permanent or temporary, come with a waiting time that can be anything from a couple of weeks to months or even years. As humans we are impatient and the waiting period along with not knowing the progress of your application can be some of the most stressful parts of the immigration journey.

This is where the GCMS notes come into play. The Global Case Management System allows you to know the most detailed information on your application and only by ordering these notes will you be able to get the answers you require.

Today we’re giving you a breakdown of the GCMS, what purpose they serve to your Canadian immigration journey, and how to interpret GCMS notes.

What are GCMS notes?

The Global Case Management System is the client management system currently used by Immigration Canada to store data on client applications. It contains information on all applications made in the past and currently by an applicant including which programs you’ve applied for. The GCMS notes from Canada will outline all correspondence with IRCC, as well as notes made on your applications by an Immigration officer.

Who can order them?

The fees for GCMS notes from Canada are low, they’re $5CAD and can be submitted online. Only Canadians or Permanent residents can make an application through the Access to Information Act, so you’ll need a legal representative to file an application.

The standard processing time to receive the results back from the government is 30 days, though if your file is an older file, the government may say that they need an extension to produce the results.

How GCMS notes can help your application:

There are advantages to using GCMS notes. We often use them when a client has filed previously for temporary or permanent residency in Canada, and there was a previous refusal on one of their cases. It allows us to understand why the application was refused, and it informs our preparation of a new application.

GCMS notes can also be helpful when an application has exceeded posted processing times. Often web forms and emails to MPs' offices fall on deaf ears, whereas the government has to respond to an Access to Information request. By doing so, we can review officers’ notes on the file to date, which can be especially helpful when an application is seemingly stalled.

Interpreting GCMS notes

GCMS notes can be difficult to understand if it’s your first time looking at them. Generally speaking, the notes are what we pay attention to in an application to see what information an officer has included about the application. Different parts of the notes can also tell us where the application is being processed, incoming and outgoing correspondence on the file, as well as if background checks have been completed in an application.

At our firm, we know that you’re working hard to get to Canada or to stay in Canada if you’re already here. We review your evidence well ahead of time and advise on which documentation is necessary for the application to ensure that your application is processed without issue.


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