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Welcome to Canada - 10 tips for newcomers

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

So you’ve arrived in Canada…now what?

Apply for your Social Insurance Number (SIN). A SIN is required to work in Canada, open a bank account, access government programs, and obtain a driver’s license. Visit a Service Canada Centre and fill out an application form.

Apply for a Health Card. Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible for public health insurance. In order to access these services, each family member must have his/her own government-issued Health Card.

Get your permanent resident (PR) card. A PR card replaces your paper IMM 1000 Record of Landing document and acts as proof of your permanent resident status.

Open a bank account. A bank account will keep your money safe and allow you a safe and easy method to pay bills.

Get your Canadian driver’s license. International driver’s licenses are valid for a limited time. You need to get an Ontario driver’s license within… • 60 days of moving to Ontario if you will be a permanent resident • 90 days of arriving in Ontario if you are a visitor (tourist)

Explore your community. Canada has a number of different organizations that are dedicated to helping new immigrants. Take advantage of services offered through local libraries and community centres. Here, you have the chance to gain new skills, engage with other members of the community, and learn more about your new home.

Improve your English language skills. If English is not your first language, perhaps consider some new ways of practising your speaking skills. Many libraries and community centres offer English Conversation Groups to meet new people and “brush up” on your conversational English.

Apply for a job. The internet is a fantastic tool to search and apply for jobs. Last week, we created a list of local employment services and workshops (link to last week’s blog post) available to assist in the job-hunting process. If you require further assistance, visit a local settlement agency or employment counsellor.

Find a family doctor. Family doctors are in high demand in Canada. As such, it may take some time to find one. Try asking neighbours, friends, and family members who are already settled in Canada about their family care physician.

Find a dentist. Try visiting a local dental office and inquire about whether they are accepting new patients.


Our Services

Calver and Associates is a leading provider of Canadian Immigration services in Durham Region. We serve clients in Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, and beyond. Our Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant has over 10 years of experience in Canadian Immigration law and over four years of experience serving those in the Oshawa area.

We can provide assistance with applications for both temporary and permanent residency in Canada. We handle applications for study permits, permanent residency, family class sponsorship, visitor visas, work permits, and Canadian citizenship. We also handle criminal inadmissibility cases by developing remedies for refusal.

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