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Reasons your Express Entry Application Was Rejected As Incomplete

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

There can be multiple reasons why your express entry application was rejected as incomplete and it can be as stressful as it is costly when mistakes are made during your application.

To help you avoid any roadblocks and possible refusals, we are giving you the most common reasons why your application might have been rejected and what you can do to prevent it.

1. You provided the wrong Police Clearance

Police clearances can be tricky to obtain, you are required to provide a police clearance for every country in which you have lived for 6 months or more in the past 10 years. The one issued from your current country of residence needs to be issued within the past 6 months.

In addition to expired Police Clearances resulting in a rejected application, we see applicants fail to check the exact document that they need for the application as per IRCC guidelines, and as such the application is rejected as incomplete by the government.

2. You didn’t provide the correct education documents

All applicants to IRCC need to provide an Educational Credential Assessment report (such as from WES Canada) that gives the equivalent of their education if it was not completed in Canada. If this report is not generated for the purpose of Immigration, it is not valid for Express Entry, and your application will be rejected as incomplete.

Similarly, you need to provide a degree and transcripts for all of the education that you’re claiming for points under Express Entry, failure to do so will result in a rejection of your application.

3. You didn’t provide the correct translations

Your documents will need to be translated by a certified translator either inside or outside of Canada, or be translated and include an affidavit attesting to the accuracy of the translation. We prefer to use a certified translation and include both a certified copy of the translated document and the original translated document to avoid such issues. Incorrect translations are a very common reason for an Express Entry application being rejected as incomplete.

4. Incomplete forms in your Express Entry Application

IRCC provides a clear set of instructions for you to follow when filling out the application forms, but it can be easy to miss things in an application.

You need to ensure that you are thorough when completing the applications and provide the correct information in all of your application forms, including your address history and personal history. If you do not provide complete information, IRCC can reject the application as incomplete.

5. Immigration office mistakes

There are instances where the immigration officer makes a mistake due to the large volume of applications that they process daily. We prepare for these occurrences for our clients and as immigration professionals, we can anticipate and plan for these instances to make sure your case is represented correctly to try and resolve the matter.

6. Your language test expired

Your Language Test approved for Immigration must be valid on the day that you receive an invitation to apply for Express Entry, as well as on the day that you submit your application to IRCC. Sometimes a client will submit with expired language tests, as they don’t realize that they’ve expired, and we see the application rejected as the test is no longer valid.

The process that applicants need to follow in order to enter through the Express Entry stream is straightforward, but it can seem daunting and it is easy to miss a step in the process which might cause your application to be rejected as incomplete. Many applicants who come to us with similar cases are frustrated with the process of applying for permanent residency in Canada.

At our firm, we know that you’re working hard to get to Canada or to stay in Canada if you’re already here. We review your evidence well ahead of time and advise on which documentation is necessary for the application to ensure that your application is processed without issue.


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