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Parent/ Grandparent Sponsorship in 2023

How Can I bring my Parents to Canada in 2023?

Bringing your parents to Canada to join you and experience life in this beautiful country is an incredible opportunity. There are several pathways available, including the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), Super Visa, and the Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Program. In this comprehensive guide, we will explain the processes involved in each option, providing valuable insights to help you navigate the journey of bringing your parents to Canada.

Option 1: Temporary Resident Visa (TRV):

The Temporary Resident Visa, commonly known as a visitor visa, allows parents to visit Canada for a temporary period. Here's an overview of the TRV process:

1. Determine Eligibility:

Ensure that your parents meet the eligibility criteria for a TRV, including a valid passport, good health, a clean criminal record, and sufficient ties to their home country to demonstrate their intent to return.

2. Gather Required Documents:

Collect the necessary documents, which may include a completed application form, passport, proof of financial support, purpose of visit documentation, and a letter of invitation from you as the sponsor.

3. Submit the Application:

Complete the application form accurately and submit it along with the required documents and application fee. The application can be submitted online or through a Visa Application Centre (VAC) in your parents' home country, we recommend an online application.

4. Wait for Processing:

The processing time for TRV applications varies, so it is essential to check the current processing times on the official Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. During this period, your parents may be asked to provide additional information or attend an interview.


Option 2: Super Visa:

The Super Visa is designed specifically for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents and allows them to stay in Canada for up to five years at a time. Here's an overview of the Super Visa process:

1. Meet the Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the Super Visa, parents must meet certain requirements, including having a valid invitation from their child or grandchild, proof of financial support, medical insurance coverage, and passing a medical examination.

2. Gather Required Documents:

Collect the necessary documents, such as a letter of invitation, proof of financial support, medical insurance, and evidence of the family relationship between the sponsor and the parent.

3. Submit the Application:

Complete the Super Visa application form, provide the required documents, and pay the application fee. Submit the application online or through a VAC in your parents' home country.

4. Wait for Processing:

The processing time for Super Visa applications also varies. Stay updated on the processing times through the IRCC website. Your parents may be required to undergo a medical examination during this period.


Option 3: Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Program:

The Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Program allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their parents or grandparents to become permanent residents of Canada. The Program opens each year and applicants must submit their expression of interest to IRCC, only those selected may submit a sponsorship application. Here's a detailed breakdown of the sponsorship program:

1. Eligibility and Sponsorship Requirements:

Ensure that you, as the sponsor, meet the eligibility requirements, including being at least 18 years old, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and meeting the financial requirements to support your parents or grandparents.

2. Apply to Sponsor:

Submit the sponsorship application to IRCC, demonstrating your intent and ability to support your parents or grandparents financially. You will also need to sign an undertaking to financially support them for a specific period.

3. Parents' or Grandparents' Application:

Once you are approved as a sponsor, your parents or grandparents can submit their permanent residence application. This includes medical examinations, background checks, and providing supporting documents as per the IRCC guidelines.

4. Wait for Processing:

The processing time for the sponsorship program varies but generally applicants can count on 2-3 years for processing from start to finish.

Bringing your parents to Canada is an important step in reuniting your family and we understand that an approval is important for you. The TRV or supervisa can be a great way to bring your parents or grandparents to Canad whilst you await a decision or invitation to apply to sponsor them.

At Calver Immigration Consulting, we have over two decades of experience in preparing Family Class applications, and we have helps hundreds of families reunite in Canada. To discuss your case with us, please book an appointment online with us here, please get in touch and book an online consultation with us here.


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