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Inland Spousal Sponsorship – Six Frequently Asked Questions

Can my common law partner sponsor me before we have accumulated one year of co-habitation?

No. Your qualifications will be assessed from the date of submission to the date of finalization. If you do not have at least one year of cohabitation before submission of your application, your application will be refused.

We are married but haven’t yet received the official Ontario marriage certificate. Can we submit our application before we receive it?

No. Your marriage certificate is a mandatory requirement for submission with the application. We can begin preparation of your application but will not be in a position to submit until the Marriage Certificate is received.

What if I marry my common-law spouse or conjugal partner? Should I change the application?

You have to notify IRCC of the change in your marital status, but you do not need to submit a new application.

What if there is a breakdown of the relationship?

You must notify IRCC about any separation or change in your marital status as this is a material fact that could affect the decision that is to be made by immigration officials. If immigration officials do not believe that you are in a relationship of an indefinite nature, your application will be refused. Sponsors are routinely asked to accompany the applicant to their landing interview. If your sponsor does not attend as expected, your landing will probably be delayed or cancelled.

Can I be sponsored if I am in Canada without status?

In most circumstances, yes you can. However, there are some prohibitions. Once your background information has been reviewed, we will advise you on whether or not you are eligible to be sponsored without having any status in Canada.

Does my sponsor need to have an income to sponsor me?

There is no minimum income requirement for sponsors to be eligible to sponsor his/her spouse or common-law partner. If, however, you are receiving any form of social assistance (including some types of subsidized housing), for a reason other than a disability, you are not eligible to sponsor. If you or your sponsor collects any form of social assistance during the application process, the application may be refused.

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