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Pre-Arrival Services for Newcomers in Canada


Pre-Arrival Services for Newcomers in Canada

Jade Calver

On Thursday, January 3rd, Canada’s minister of immigration, The Honourable Ahmed Hussen announced plans to invest $113 million in the improvement of pre-arrival services for future immigrants to Canada. This announcement was made in a news release about plans to provide $22.4 million of this funding to S.U.C.C.E.S.S., a service provider that offers national-level information, orientation, and referrals to economic and family-class pre-arrival clients.

The funding will go towards connecting clients with the information and services they need to make their transition to Canada as smooth as possible. Some of these services include general employment services, which will help immigrants convert their job licenses prior to arrival and link them federal and provincial settlement services once they arrive in Canada. Other services will help educate newcomers about Canada to prepare them for life in a new country. Hussen says these services offer new Canadians the chance to “hit the ground running” when they arrive.

Providing services to newcomers before they arrive in Canada is critical to successful integration. These services help newcomers make decisions about the life they want to live in Canada as early as possible in their immigration journey. I’m proud that my department has put in the work to shape a pre-arrival program that will deliver consistent, high quality client-centered services to people around the world.
— The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Newcomer Services

Newcomer services are programs that help newcomers find work, schooling, housing, and more. These services are offered locally throughout Canada free of charge. Services are now also available online to assist those who have not yet arrived in Canada, or live in remote locations. The Government of Canada provides a helpful tool for finding settlement services near you.

Service Provider Organizations

Canada has partnerships with 16 experienced Service Provider Organizations (SPOs). These organizations were carefully selected based on their proven record to deliver virtual and in-person services to newcomers, including refugees, around the world before they arrive in Canada. The $113 million allotted by the Government of Canada will go toward these SPOs over the next four years to help Canada reach its goal of over one million newcomers to Canada in the next three years. Strong settlement services and access to programs through these organizations will ensure newcomers have a strong start to life in Canada.  

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