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Minimum Necessary Income | Family Sponsorship Canada (Spouse, Parent, Grandparent, Child)


Minimum Necessary Income | Family Sponsorship Canada (Spouse, Parent, Grandparent, Child)

Jade Calver

Today, Jade explains how to determine if you meet the minimum necessary income requirements to sponsor a family member (i.e. a spouse, parent, grandparent, dependent child, step-child, or other family member).

How much money do I need to show to sponsor a family member?

Spouses and Dependent Children

The answer to this question depends who you’re sponsoring and under what class of application. When it comes to sponsoring your spouse or dependent children, there is an exemption in the Canadian Immigration Act that exempts you from having a minimum income to show when you’re sponsoring them. So, if you’re sponsoring your spouse and their dependent children (including step-children), you don’t actually have to show a minimum amount of income.

Parents, Grandparents, and Other Family Members

When it comes to sponsoring you parents, grandparents, and other family members, there is a Minimum Necessary Income Requirement (MNI). As a sponsor, you must meet the MNI requirements for the last three taxation years.


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