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Ineligible Express Entry Profile | What to do Next


Ineligible Express Entry Profile | What to do Next

Jade Calver

Are you planning to apply for Express Entry? You may have already created a profile and entered your information. We often receive inquiries from clients who have done this only to receive a notification that their profile was deemed ineligible. What should you do if this happens? Jade offers her top tips for turning a profile that is classified as “ineligible” into one that is accurately processed.

Why was my profile found to be ineligible?

  • You forgot to check the eligibility requirements.

  • You’ve confused the Express Entry point system with the Federal Skilled Worker Program point system.

  • You didn’t check the language requirements or ECA qualification requirements.

  • You didn’t meet the National Occupation Classification requirements.

  • You didn’t have the settlement funds required.

  • You didn’t give the system enough time to calculate your score.

EE Ineligibility - IG.png

I follow all the requirements but I’m still “ineligible”. What should I do?

  • Delete your profile and make a new GC Key account.

  • Check to see if your language results are less than 2 years old.

  • Check to see if your ECA reports are less than 5 years old.

  • Be sure that you have 1 year of continuous work experience in your primary occupation.

  • Check to see if you made any errors.

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