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Four Ways You Can Obtain Your PR Card to Canada


Four Ways You Can Obtain Your PR Card to Canada

Jade Calver

In Canada, the Permanent Residency card is used by someone who has been given permanent resident status but is not a citizen of Canada. Permanent residents can live, work, study, and travel within the country. They are also eligible for a variety of benefits, which include:

  • Health care coverage

  • Free education up to the age of 18 in the Canadian public school system

  • Protection under Canadian law and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms

  • Eligibility to apply for Canadian citizenship

There are different ways of obtaining permanent residency and the PR card. These include the Express Entry system, the Provincial Nominee Program, Family Class Sponsorship, and the Business Immigration Program.

Express Entry

You may qualify for Permanent Residency under one of the streams of entry in the Express Entry system. There are three different programs within the Express Entry system, which include the Federal Skilled Worker Class, the Federal Skilled Trades Class, and the Canadian Experience Class. Applicants can complete their applications online and once they receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA), they can apply for PR through Express Entry. It is important to note that Express Entry ITAs are only valid for 60 days. As such, applicants should be prepared to fill out their online form immediately to ensure they can submit all of the required documents in time.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is ideal for applicants who have a specific province or territory in mind that they would like to apply for. Applicants may be eligible to apply for Permanent Residence through a PNP if they have abilities, education, and work experience that will contribute to a local Canadian economy.

Family Class Sponsorship

If you have close family members (i.e. Mother, Father, Common-law Partner, Spouse, etc.) living in Canada as Permanent Residents or Canadian citizens, they may be able to help you in obtaining PR status through the family class. It’s important to note that for sponsored spouses and partners, their permanent residence is no longer dependent on them living with their spouse for a period of two years.

Business Immigration Program

Applicants may be eligible to apply for Permanent Residence through the Start-Up Business Immigration program. This program is available to self-employed applicants who are experienced investors or entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are also required to demonstrate relevant, sufficient business experience in addition to proof of their net worth. Under some programs, business applicants must also be willing to operate a business and create at least one full-time job in Canada within three years of obtaining Permanent Residency.

Are you interested in applying for Permanent Residency?

You may be eligible to obtain Permanent Residency through one of these programs. The best way to get started is to seek help. An experienced, Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant can assist you in determining your eligibility and completing your applications. For more information and assistance, contact us today!

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