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School Registration in Canada

Jade Calver

How to Register Your Child for School in Canada

Many of our clients approach us with minor children who wish to study in Canada. The first question they often ask is: Does my child need a study permit to study in Canada? The answer to this question depends on three key factors: 

  • Where the child’s parents live;

  • The status of the child’s parents in Canada; and

  • The level of education the child wishes to pursue in Canada

Today, Jade answers this question and offers her top tips for parents with children who plan to come to Canada to attend kindergarten, elementary school, secondary school, or postsecondary school. 


Children with Parents Who Have PR Status or Canadian Citizenship

If you (the parent of the child) have Permanent Resident status or Canadian Citizenship, you likely do not need a study permit for your child. For the most part, you can register your child in elementary or secondary school without a study permit. In this situation, the child has implied status through you, the parent, and therefore you do not need to submit an application for a study permit.

Children with Parents Who Have Temporary Status in Canada

If you are in Canada with Temporary Status (e.g. a work permit, study permit, etc.), your child can attend kindergarten without a study permit. However, in order to enrol your child in elementary or secondary school, you must complete a study permit application.

Children with Parents Who Have Visitor Status in Canada

If you are in Canada as a Visitor, you cannot register your child for school without a study permit. The Visitor Visa indicates that you are in Canada temporarily and therefore, your child will require a study permit to attend school.

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We assist in the completion of applications for Work Permits, Study Permits, Temporary Resident Permits, Visitor Visas, Family Class Sponsorship, and more. We also specialized in Ontario-specific immigration programs, such as the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program.

 The application process can be daunting and lengthy – we are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to discuss your options.