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Program Update: International Experience Canada


Program Update: International Experience Canada

Jade Calver

International Experience Canada (IEC)

The International Experience Canada (IEC) program offers young citizens the opportunity to travel and work in Canada for a set period of time, ranging from six to 24 months (depending on the participant’s country of origin). This program allows individuals to enter Canada through one of three streams: Working Holiday, Young Professional, or International Co-op Internship. Recently, program delivery instructions (PDI) for the IEC program have been updated.

The Canadian government has made four amendments to this program to ensure the safety and satisfaction of both participants and host countries alike. 

Bilateral Agreements and Arrangements

The new bilateral agreements and arrangements are as follows:

  • Austria: Working Holiday category added.
  • Chile: Frequency of participation changed to 2 participations. Repeat category is permitted to participants from Chile (under the 3 categories) instead of 1 participation.
  • Czech Republic: A note has been added for Czech nationals applying under International Co-op (Internship).
  • Japan: Residence requirements for Japanese candidates corrected.
  • Netherlands: Residence requirements for applicants under the 2 categories corrected.
  • Sweden: Residence requirements for applicants under the 2 categories corrected.

Eligibility Requirements

The government made updates to participation eligibility requirements.

  • Citizenship and residency:
    • Clarification made on how candidates can determine residency.
  • Age requirements:
    • Clarification made regarding age requirement for Austrian candidates.
    • A note added to provide guidance on age requirement for foreign nationals who apply through recognized organizations.
  • Previous participation or discontinuous stay:
    • Clarification made regarding the policy on repeat participation for foreign nationals who apply through recognized organizations
  • Applicant not accompanied by dependents:
    • A note added about the process for obtaining a spousal open work permit, if the IEC participant holds an open work permit.
  • Medical examination:
    • Two bullets added to provide general guidance on who is required to have an immigration medical examination.
  • Police certificate:
    • Clarification made that the 6-month period must be consecutive and not cumulative.

For further clarification and more detail on these amendments, visit the official program delivery update.

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