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Entry to Canada on Green Card: Case Study


Entry to Canada on Green Card: Case Study

Jade Calver


I have a Green Card, but I am from the Philippines, which is normally a visa-requiring country. Do I need a visa to enter Canada even though I have a U.S. Green Card?


The short answer to this question is no. As a U.S. Green Card holder, you do not require a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) in order to come to Canada. You may, however, need an eTA (electronic travel authorization) if you are flying into Canada.

TRV-requiring nationals who have a Green Card, who are driving into Canada can cross the border with their passport and U.S. Green Card.

If the same foreign national is planning on flying to Canada, then they would need to obtain an eTA before boarding their flight. The application process for an eTA is relatively short and inexpensive. It costs only $7 CAD to obtain and you can apply online.

U.S. Green Card holders are subject to the same 6-month visa requirement as all visitors to Canada, unless the officer’s stamp states a different duration.

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