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New Visa Requirement for Romanian Non-Electronic Passport Holders


New Visa Requirement for Romanian Non-Electronic Passport Holders

Jade Calver

Romanian Citizens Need an Electronic Passport to Travel to Canada

As of June 5th, 2018, all Romanian citizens who wish to travel to Canada without a visa must possess an electronic passport. Previously, citizens of Romania could visit Canada for short periods of time if they had a non-electronic passport, such as a temporary passport.

Now, Romanian citizens must acquire either an electronic passport or a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to travel through or to Canada. The only individuals exempt from this requirement are those Romanian citizens who are lawful permanent residents of the United States. Citizens of Romania who are holders of a non-electronic passport can apply for a TRV online.

The government also mandates that Electronic Travel Authorizations (eTAs) issued to non-electronic passport holders between December 1, 2017 and June 5, 2018 are invalid. Electronic Travel Authorizations (eTAs) issued before this period remain valid.

Immigrations Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) state that this policy was created in an effort to ensure the integrity of Canada’s immigration and refugee system. These new requirements help protect against exploitative behaviour in regard to the usage of electronic passports. The Canadian Government will monitor the trends following this policy change to determine its efficacy.

Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

A TRV is a government issued document that is placed in a person’s passport to demonstrate that they meet the requirements to be considered a temporary resident of Canada. Individuals can apply for a TRV online, or via a print document. Please note that the government will soon require applicants to provide biometrics with their application. As of July 31st, 2018, everyone who applies for a visitor visa, work or study permit (excluding U.S. nationals), permanent residence, or refugee asylum status will be required to submit fingerprints and photographs along with their documents.

 Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

An eTA is a requirement for all visitors who wish to travel to Canada from a visa-exempt country. An eTA is linked (electronically) to a traveller’s passport and it remains valid for up to five years, or until the passport expires. Prospective travellers can apply for an eTA online for a fee of $7 CAD. You will need your passport, a credit or debit card, and an email address in order to complete the form. Most requests for an eTA will be processed within minutes, but some can take several days. We recommend that you allow a few days for processing before you book your flight.

Do you have any questions about requirements for travelling to Canada? Are you interested in applying for a visitor visa but don’t know where to start? Contact us today.

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