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Jade Calver, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Hello, my name is Jade Calver. I am the owner of Calver and Associates Canadian Immigration Services. I've assisted hundreds of clients with their Canadian Immigration applications. At Calver and Associates, we offer professional advice to individuals who require assistance with their Canadian Immigration applications. The Canadian Immigration System is complicated and ever-changing. With an understanding of the difficulties of integration and settlement in a new country - I go the extra mile to help clients not only with their Immigration applications, but to ensure a smooth transition into their new life in Canada.

Calver and Associates simplifies the process for you and your family so that you may pursue your goal of coming to Canada.

Am I eligible to immigrate to Canada from South Africa?

In order to answer this question, we need to know a lot about you. The information we require from you is needed to make a correct legal assessment. We work with you to understand your goals and background so that we can help you get to Canada.

How can I sign a contract to begin the Immigration Process?

- Flexible & convenient scheduling- Available in the method of your choice (phone, Skype, in person)- Personalized follow up email1 (1).png

Before we can start the process, we first need to make sure that we will be able to assist you with your case, and that you have the correct understanding and expectation of your personal immigration options. The place to start is to go through our assessment and booking process, you can book online with us here, the cost of the assessment is $100.00 CAD.

What is the process involved in the consultation?

You will first start with an Immigration consultation with the Principal of our firm, Jade Calver. In the initial consultation, you will receive a summary of your options. You will also have an opportunity to discuss your personal circumstances as they relate to your eligibility to immigrate to Canada.

After an initial consultation, a retainer agreement will be sent to you to retain our firm to prepare your case.

Once this is taken care of, you will receive full details concerning all documents that are required for immigration purposes. You will begin to work with our firm to compile your application either in preparation of, or alongside your immigration strategy (such as looking for work). Each family or person’s strategy is different and so the process will vary.

For example, the process could include obtaining a job offer, getting an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) or provincial nomination, applying to study or applying for a work permit, and finally submitting a permanent residence application.

Or, if you're eligible for permanent residence without a job offer, your process may include a provincial nomination application and a permanent residence application, or an express entry profile, invitation to apply (ITA) and a permanent residence application.

Important Information for South Africans

We receive many e-mails and inquires from South Africa citizens wanting to immigrate to Canada. Some of these people are not always 100% serious about immigration to Canada. It takes time to make the decision to commit to this process, and we understand this. To ensure that we prioritize our time with clients that are ready to commit to their immigration process, we require all potential clients to go through our preliminary assessment first.

Our consultation will assist you to increase your knowledge of the different immigration options and risks involved in the immigration process. South Africans citizens can be considered a vulnerable population in this industry because they often believe the claims made by "professionals." Unregulated immigration “agents” inside and outside of Canada use this eagerness and lack of knowledge to get South Africans to retain them. Our approach is different - we want you to be educated about immigration and its risks first. If you retain our firm, you will notice that we are very different from most firms and we consistently receive positive feedback from present and past clients to that effect. Once you have completed the initial assessment process you will have information about immigration that will assist you to make informed decisions.

It is critical that you are aware that we are not paid to find work for our clients

Lastly, for your assurance - certain actions in our process are prescribed by Federal legislation. Calver & Associates was audited twice in 2017 by our immigration regulator, the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), and we passed all audits without issue. We are successful as we follow legislative requirements closely. We are a fully licensed Immigration firm, regulated through the ICCRC.

Once you are ready to start your Canadian Immigration process, you can book your online consultation with us here. Or, scroll to the bottom of this page. 

How long does it take? How quickly can I be in Canada?

It’s great that you are motivated to depart South Africa to start your new life in Canada, the important part is to focus on going through the process properly so that you and your family can successfully come to Canada.  

There are many different pathways to immigrate to Canada. The amount of time the process takes will vary depending on your immigration strategy and personal profile.

In addition to your personal immigration strategy, other factors can change how quickly an application may be submitted, such as finding employment, family issues, or obtaining a particular document. After submission of an application, the processing time of the application is out of our control. For example, we have seen some Permanent Residence Applications being processed in 2 months or less, while others could take 2 years depending on the stream of application. Frequently, where a client requires a job offer to be eligible to immigrate, they would come to Canada as temporary residence (on work permits) before their permanent residence application is approved or submitted.

Getting Started on your Immigration Case

Once you are ready to start your assessment, we welcome you to book via our online system below, you will be send assessment forms to complete before the initial consultation so that we have a full understanding of your training and experience.

We look forward to helping you on this journey.  

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